Guided hiking in Haanja Nature Park

If you also want to enjoy local nature, then we have some ideas for you. Landlady Maris has been involved in the creation of hiking trails in Võrumaa and the preparation of information materials for many years, as well as leading nature study trips. Under the guidance of Maris, you can learn more about both nature and cultural heritage on the hike.

Near our farm is the Uue-Saaluse manor park, with the picturesque Kavadi lake, where a 4.5 km long hiking trail starts, which goes around the lake. The lake has 4 small islands. The family of the winery will be happy to guide you to explore the local nature and cultural heritage. There is a nice swimming and camping spot with two campfires in the manor park. You can get more information about the Kavadi hiking trail here:

In addition, we offer the opportunity to hike on Vällamäe hill, which is located 5 km from the winery. The 2.2 km hiking trail takes you to the top of one of the highest hills in Estonia, where you can experience the biggest difference in height and a primeval forest.

We offer a hike for those who love nature and those who want silence to Luhasoo hiking trail or LakeKirikumäe hiking trail.

It is possible to order a picnic basket made by OÜ Ulgumaa. The picnic basket has a wide selection of snacks and sea buckthorn juice. The price is 12€/person. The picnic basket should be ordered at least 3 days before the desired delivery time, to order, write to us:

The guiding costs 80€/hour for a group.