Possibility to order a two- or three-course lunch or dinner in cooperation with Ulgumaa LTD. We can offer catering for groups of 10 or more people. We only offer a group menu, i.e. we ask the whole group to order the same food. We try to fulfill special food-related requests (lactose and gluten intolerance, vegan and vegetarian preferences).

The prices include VAT.

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Spring menu

In cooperation with Ulgumaa Buffet, we offer a spring menu for groups, which is inspired by local food heritage and local ingredients. You can organize a birthday, a gathering of friends, a team event, a bachelorette or bachelorette party in our winery.

Ulgumaa Buffet is our good cooperation partner whose handwriting is characterized by:

  • slow cooked seasonal food (slow food)
  • made from mostly local ingredients
  • served directly from the pot or pan (prepared on site)
  • You can freely take it, just like at home, according to your taste (if you like it, you can take another portion for the same price).
  • the chef has a unique natural talent for finding the right balance of flavors in his dishes.
  • Sommelier and winemaker Maris Kivistik matches local wines to the menu.

Picnic basket with snacks

Ulgumaa Buffet has put together a delicious picnic basket with snacks that you can order from us. To order, please contact us by email:

The minimum notice period for ordering a picnic basket is 3 days. The price of food in the picnic basket is from 12€/person, it includes 10 different options:


2) Baked chicken pieces

3)A selection of cheeses

4) Sandwich toppings with tuna, fresh pesto

5)Turkish flatbread with sesame seeds

6) freshly baked white bread

7) Bread rolls from home-baked seed bread

8)seasonal vegetables (tomato, cucumber…)

9) oatmeal rolls with white chocolate

10) sea ​​buckthorn fresh juice

The price of reusable food containers and transport packaging is added to the price of the picnic basket, if they are not returned.

Ask offer by email:

Ulgumaa puhveti piknikukorv - Uue Saaluse Veinitalu


  • Spring jar salad with herring
    € 6,-
    (herring, potato, pickled cucumber, celeriac, red onion, gooseberries, homemade mayonnaise, boiled egg, spring greens)
  • Stuffed champignons
    € 6,-
    (baked champignon, smoked cheese, paprika, herbs)
  • Freshly baked bread with homemade pesto
    € 6,-
  • Crumb salad with baked tomato, home-made cheese, sprouts, radish, baby spinach, oil sauce
    € 6.-
  • Trout fillet with bread and lemon-garlic aioli
    € 6.-
  • Stuffed champignons

    Täidetud shampinjonid - Uue Saaluse Veinitalu
  • Spring jar salad with herring

    Kevadine purgisalat heeringaga - Uue Saaluse Veinitalu

Main course

  • Pea porridge As a side dish, fried onion, green beans with smoked meat and pickled cucumber
    € 10.-
    Hernetamp is a traditional food of Võrumaa, which consists of peas, carrots and potatoes.
  • long-cooked meat with baked potatoes, mashed potatoes or baked vegetables
    € 12,-
    As a side dish, raw salad from seasonal vegetables, pickled beets and pumpkin
  • Pork stewed in wine sauce with baked potatoes, mashed potatoes or baked vegetables.
    € 12,-
  • Baked seasonal vegetables with feta cheese, herbs, seeds and homemade mayonnaise - for vegetarians
    € 12,-
  • Homemade cutlets with steamed vegetables and herbs
    € 12,-
  • Pork with onions by Ulgumaa style, boiled potatoes, seasonal vegetables
    € 12.-
  • Homemade cutlets with steamed vegetables and herbs

    Kodused kotletid aurutatud aedviljade ja ürtidega
  • Chicken stew with hasselback potatoes as side dishes, pickled beets and cucumber

    Kanahautis hasselback’i kartulitega lisanditeks marineeritud peet ja kurk
  • Shredded meat (long-cooked) with baked potatoes, mashed potatoes or baked vegetables.


  • Curd cake with raspberries and blueberries.
    € 3.-
  • Apple cake with salted caramel and lingonberry jelly.
    € 6,-
  • Fruit cocktail with condensed milk and berry liqueur "Is Mademoiselle in a hurry?"
    € 6,-
  • Curd cream with berries.
    € 6,-
  • Cereal foam with berries
    € 3,-
  • Lingonberry pretzel
    € 3.-
  • Fruit cocktail with condensed milk and berry liqueur “Is Mademoiselle in a hurry?”

    Puuviljakokteil kondenspiima ja marjalikööriga “Kas mademoiselle kiirustab?”
  • Apple cake with salted caramel, marzipan cream and lingonberry jelly.

    Õunakook soolakaramelli, martsipanikreemi ja pohlatarretisega


  • Vegetable puree soup
    € 6,-
  • Meatball soup with vegetables
    € 6,-
  • Chicken and vegetable soup.
    € 6,-


Coffee 1€/cup, tea and water are free.

    in other words, fermented elk hemp leaves (Epilobium angustifolium). It has been used in Russia for more than 10 centuries. It is written in old documents that it was already drunk by the builders of the city of Moscow. The tea came to Estonia with the Old Believers, who drink it daily to this day.
    Made from dandelion and chicory roots, acorns and spelled flour. The original recipe for this drink comes from the 1930s magazine for housewives. According to this, Liisi Kutkina from Mikitamäe started to make it here again. The coffee grounds we use are made by permaculture expert Triinu Guerrin from Vastseliina. Dandelion combined with chicory is a natural stimulant similar to caffeine. The drink looks like coffee and also has a similar effect and taste.
Toitlustus - Uue Saaluse Veinitalu